Adolf Busch Award 2019 Recipient

After reviewing many incredible and worthy applicants, the Adolf Busch Award is thrilled to announce Intempo as our 2019 winner.  The Board of Directors found Intempo to exemplify our award’s mission by using music to promote a more civil and just society.

Founded in 2011 in Stamford, Connecticut, Intempo creates an inclusive and accessible environment for underserved children to learn about music.  Since its inception, Intempo’s reach has grown from 40 participants to over 1,500 students through music education programs and more than 7,000 community members through concerts and outreach events.  Much of this success has come from being able to welcome students and families of many backgrounds by overcoming language barriers through multilingual teaching.  This diversity has even spread, allowing cultural exchanges and opportunities for their students.  With their tremendous work and efforts, Intempo will be the sole winner this year of the $10,000 award. To learn more about Intempo and to get involved, please visit

We appreciate all those who applied and commend the work and achievements of all those music organizations pushing towards social change and good in society.