Project: Music Heals Us brings music to patients hospitalized with COVID

Project: Music Heals Us brings music to patients hospitalized with COVID

Recently featured in both The New York Times and CNN is one of this year’s finalists, Project: Music Heals Us. During the global pandemic, PMHU is bringing live music to patients – and medical staff – in one of upper Manhattan’s hardest-hit communities at Allen Hospital. 

For the past month, PMHU has been offering its programming through one-on-one concerts via video livestream platforms to medical staff COVID patients hospitalized across the country. Beginning with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital ICU and Emergency Department, and actively expanding to a network of major hospitals across the country, PMHU’s musicians have been working to bring beauty, dignity, and a sense of community to those who in many cases have become completely isolated from human contact.

“What can disrupt this pattern of despair is the music.” 

Dr. Stojanovic, medical director for Allen’s hospitalist physicians
May 03, 2020, NYT

PMHU Founder Molly Carr said, “These bedside concerts for hospitalized Covid patients – while they can be extremely emotional for us to perform – feel like we are truly in the right place at the right time. They feel like the right thing to be doing – because they allow us to simply be there when no one else can.” 

Scroll below for the CNN video, and read The New York Times article here.

Information for Healthcare Workers & Facilities

If you represent a healthcare facility that would like to participate in this program from PMHU, please fill out the Institution Form below and they will reach out to you as soon as they are able. For more information, visit the PMHU website.