ABA Stands With Black Lives Matter Movement

The past few days have been a troubling time for this country. Black Americans have once again been the target of profiling and police violence, resulting in the death of George Floyd.

The Adolf Busch Award stands with the black community to join the movement for change. At its core, ABA awards organizations that give opportunities through music to underserved populations. We aim to help make voices louder for the disenfranchised so that their needs for equality can be heard. ABA recognizes the systemic injustice that Black Americans face through awarding past recipients, such as the Roots of Music and Play On Philly, to amplify their important missions.

It’s inexcusable to allow the black community to feel afraid because of the color of their skin or because of perceptions of what people think it means to be black. Anger and sadness are weighing on the hearts of many, but it is also fueling the potential to make real and historical change. ABA is ready to fight for what is right by lending another voice as an ally and continuing to empower.

While words can instigate a movement, it is not solely the words that can create change. If you are able to do so, consider donating to funds supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

You may also consider donating to organizations that serve to make music accessible to underserved youth in their communities: