Priscilla Natkins

Priscilla Natkins

Reservoir Communications
Marketing Consultant

Priscilla consults with both corporations and brands on their brand purpose/CSR programs, and with non-profits on their communications efforts and corporate partnerships. Her clients include UNICEF, Brady United and JUST Capital.

Prior to establishing her consulting practice, Priscilla served as Executive Vice President at the Ad Council, where she oversaw the development and evaluation of all of the campaigns on the Ad Council docket. To this end, Priscilla was chiefly responsible for the Ad Council’s relationships with nearly fifty national non-profit and Federal government clients, as well as over forty volunteer advertising agencies. In addition to managing the strategic and creative development of the Ad Council campaigns with work implemented across all traditional and new media platforms, Priscilla oversaw the Research and Evaluation Department, whose tasks include the development and assessment of tailored metrics for each campaign.

Priscilla holds an MBA from Columbia University, with a specialization in Marketing.

She has served as Chairman and is a current Board member of Let’s Get Ready, a non-profit dedicated to college access for underserved students. She is also a member of the President’s Council for The Wilderness Society.